HLP-CDOP Programme

Healthy London Partnership (HLP) Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) Programme Survey: Supporting Transformation in the London CDOP system
Cheung R. O’Sullivan D, Parr, T, Devitt D London 2017

HLP began in 2016 to support the London CDOP system to meet the significant transformational challenges they face.

A transformational change programme based on a baseline survey of system needs in 2016 and stakeholder feedback.

Flowing from the survey and stakeholder engagement events London CDOP have been supported  via a series of workshops, generation of resources,  alongside engagement  National Partners , to enable London to respond to requirements of Children and Social Work Act (CSWA) and new Statutory guidance.

Programme outputs have included

  • Themed workshops addressing stakeholder priorities including Asthma and Neonatal Deaths, consanguinity, SUDI, Suicide Prevention and working relationships with Coroners
  • Development of Pan London resources including  checklist methodology, Bereavement support and Suicide Prevention
  • Briefings and engagement specific to CSWA
  • Pan London system level relationships including Coronial, Ambulance and Pathology systems
  • A second year of support focussing on Transformational change

The London system has much unwarranted variation which HLP has framed its programme to address with a network orientated transformation programme.

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