Effective investigation of Child Homicide and Suspicious Deaths

Effective investigation of Child Homicide and Suspicious Deaths
David Marshall QPM MSc

Drawing on his personal experiences and having reflected on this subject in preparation for writing a second edition of his book of the same title (originally published by Oxford University Press in 2012) Dave will briefly share ten thoughts under the broad headings of Communication, Training and Child Focus.

His experience is based on over 30 years police experience, including 9 years as a detective chief inspector and head of the Child Abuse Investigation Commands Major Investigation Team, responsible for the investigation of all intra-familial child homicides and complex abuse in London. In this role, he was responsible for more than 50 child homicide and suspicious death investigations.

Before and after his retirement from the police in 2010 he was involved in developing a 4 day course for police, but with a multi-agency focus, on investigating sudden childhood deaths. Through his own company and with the College of Policing travels around the UK helping police forces deliver it on a regular basis. This work has enabled him to keep up to date on issues impacting on the effective investigation of child homicide and suspicious deaths.

It is hoped that his personal insight may provide others with a fresh, challenging, informative and constructive perspective of this complex area.

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