National Network of CDOPs (NNCDOP)

The First National CDOP Conference was organised by Dr Nisar Mir  (Consultant Paediatrician & Assistant Coroner Cheshire) and Mr Nicholas Rheinberg (senior Coroner Cheshire) and was held in Warrington on 8 December 2014. HH Judge Peter Thornton, Chief Coroner England and Wales was the Chief Guest and delivered the Keynote address.. There were representatives from 68 CDOPs across England and over 30 papers and posters were presented.

During the deliberations of the meeting it was observed that:

  • There is considerable variability in the size of the CDOPs, the structure and functioning of the CDOPs as well as the way different CDOPs collect and submit their data
  • Key areas of the data variables are vaguely defined with subjective interpretations making the national interpretation of the modifiable factors extremely difficult
  • What has been of great concern is the lack of national leadership to co-ordinate lessons learnt, sharing of information and national learning.
  • There is lack of co-ordination between various government departments in reducing the childhood deaths with focused and targeted strategies

HHJ Peter Thornton, supportive of the National CDOP Network’s efforts, raised their concerns with Mr Edward Thornton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families (letter 16 December 2014).

The National Network of CDOP set up a working party which had its first meeting in Birmingham on 18th June 2015. The working party set an agenda for the development of the working group, its constitution, goals and objectives and strategies to collaborate with other national agencies that are involved in the child death review processes across the country. These approved at the Annual General Meeting in Birmingham in 2016.

Constitution and Terms of Reference of the Executive Committee (2016-17)

Terms of Reference:

  1. The Child Death Overview Panel National Network (NNCDOP) shall be an independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) with membership from participating CDOPS and other organisations
  2. The NNCDOP will have an Executive Committee (EC) to progress the business. The EC with the exception of the administrative staff shall be honorary

Overarching Aim:

To reduce child death in England.


  • The network shall serve as a focal point for all the regional CDOP to share best practices, exchange information (including guidelines & publications) and support each other through the network pathways
  • It shall support the development of national database like CDRD Development project
  • It will develop audit tools and redefine the current database variables so as to have a uniform standard for defining modifiable factors
  • Identify themes emerging from the national data on pattern of child deaths across the country by working closely with the Departments of Education and Health
  • Implement strategies for reducing child deaths nationally by working closely with the respective departments
  • Develop training standards for the CDOPs so that there is consistency across the country in the child death review process
  • Establish training standards and continuous professional development for CDOP professionals e.g. administrators, coordinators, chairs and panel members
  • Influence national policies relating to CDOP
  • Develop research opportunities
  • Act as a national liaison with child death related charities and professional bodies

Membership & Constitution:

The core membership of the EC will be drawn from the multi-disciplinary workforce and reflect national guidance (Working Together (2015)) and represent CDOPs across England.

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Administrator
  • Hon Treasurer
  • Members representative of different regions (6)

The EC may co-opt other members as appropriate for the work, subject to the same terms as other members.


  1. Chair the EC meeting, annual conference and the annual general meeting (AGM)
  2. Work closely with the NNCDOP Administrator in all matters related to NNCDOP(See duties below)

Hon Treasurer:

  1. Shall be responsible for maintaining and upkeep of all financial activities of NNCDOP
  2. Shall work closely with the chairperson in preparing the annual financial report

CDOPNN Administrator:

CDOPNN Administrator provides administrative support to the network:

  1. Assists the chairperson on all matters related to the NNCDOP
  2. Arranging and administrating NNCDOP EC meetings
  3. Arranging and administrating CDOP annual meetings
  4. Developing and maintaining database and contact details of all CDOPS
  5. Liaise with CDOP co-ordinators on all CDOPNN matters
  6. Requesting information from CDOPs/agencies/professionals about best practices and developing a national pool of these practices
  7. Supporting individual CDOPs in implementing best practices
  8. Preparation of the annual report
  9. Preparation and dissemination of the quarterly newsletter
  10. Supporting the Chair in reporting of performance indicator information to Department for Education (DFE), Department of Health (DOH) and related agencies of the participating CDOPs
  11. *Developing and maintaining a computerised system to record core data, information, and recommendations from participating CDOPS
  12. *Maintaining records, statistical information

*Subject to availability of funding

Competing interests:

To be declared by all panel members at the start of each meeting.


All members will maintain strict confidentiality with respect to the Identities. Any members not covered in this respect by their own professional codes of conduct will be required to abide by their common law duty of confidentiality as a condition of participating in the work of the CDOPNN.

Term of service:

Membership will be reviewed every three years or more frequently if appropriate (example a member unable to attend more than two meetings per annum), and the term of membership shall be for initial three years.


The chairperson will have an initial tenure of post for 3 years.
A vice Chair will be appointed from the panel membership for a term of 3 years.

Administration of the Panel:

The NNCDOP will be serviced by an administrator funded generated by NNCDOP EC and funds from the participating CDOPS.


The Panel will be quorate when 6 members are in attendance including the Chair or Vice Chair.

Frequency of Meetings:

The EC meetings will take place at least four times a year and shall be governed by agenda or tasks at hand.

Modification of the Constitution:

Any proposed modification to the constitution must have the approval of the majority of the membership of the EC and would then be submitted to all the participating CDOPS who shall then have a choice of approval or withdraw from NNCDOP membership.

Annual General Meeting:

All constitutional matters, annual report, finance and proposed CDOPNN activities shall be discussed the AGM to be held before or after the annual conference.


A Partnership Agreement between each of the participating CDOPs and the NNCDOP will govern the sharing of data and information between the CDOPs and the CDOPNN whenever appropriate.