Mission Statement

Our Vision 

We want every child to receive the optimal care to have the best chance of a healthy survival

Our Aim

The network wants all agencies and professionals, involved in child care services, to work closely together to develop and implement effective strategies to prevent child deaths, and provide a sensitive response in situations where a child death occurs.

The Objectives

  • The network shall serve as a focal point for all the regional CDOP to share best practices, exchange information (including guidelines & publications) and support each other through the network pathways
  • It shall support the development of national database like CDRD Development project
  • It will develop audit tools and redefine the current database variables so as to have a uniform standard for defining modifiable factors
  • Identify themes emerging from the national data on pattern of child deaths across the country by working closely with the Departments of Education and Health
  • Implement strategies for reducing child deaths nationally by working closely with the respective departments
  • Develop training standards for the CDOPs so that there is consistency across the country in the child death review process
  • Establish training standards and continuous professional development for CDOP professionals e.g. administrators, coordinators, chairs and panel members
  • Influence national policies relating to CDOP
  • Develop research opportunities
  • Act as a national liaison with child death related charities and professional bodies