Sponsorship/Invoice Required Form

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Sponsoring Organisation Details 

Invoice to be submitted to: 

Name of the sponsoring organisation:*
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SPONSOR: Please check the tariff details for correct registration fee and send an email to: REGISTRATION@NNCDOP.COM confirming APPROVAL of delegate’s names attending the conference.

NB: You may have submitted your application to your sponsor,we still need confirmation from your sponsor.

Details of Finance Officer (Person Making the Payment)

Finance Officer (Person Making The payment):
Finance Officers E-mail Address:
Finance Officer Telephone:

The Finance Officer is advised to send an email to REGISTRATION@NNCDOP.COM confirming payment of the registration fee for the delegate(s) with the specified payment method.

For credit card payments there is a charge as stated on the tariff sheet.

When making the payment the finance officer must state:

  • Name of the delegate(s) attending the conference

  • Name of the sponsoring agency:  

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