The NNCDOP is being established as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), a non-profit group at a national level for the benefit of every CDOP in England & Wales, but will only be truly effective if it is supported by all the agencies involved in the child death review process across the UK.

During the first two years NNCDOP aims to develop its infrastructure, streamline and standardise the procedures across the country and develop a pool of resources and a communication network.

There is no membership fee and it is in the interest of all CDOPs to join and support the organisation.

Listed below are the anticipated benefits that constituent CDOP members should accrue.

  1. Joining NNCDOP is an opportunity to be involved at the national level and thus being able to influence various governmental and non-governmental policies towards child deaths in the country
  2. Sharing of information, practices, guidelines, leaflets and publications between the member CDOPs at no cost
  3. Contribution to the ‘Best Practices’ pool and adoption of these at local CDOP level at no cost
  4. Free submission of papers at the annual conference
  5. Reduced registration fee at the annual conference
  6. Summary of annual report of each CDOP to be published in the NNCDOP  Annual Report
  7. Free quarterly newsletter
  8. Quarterly submission of the local CDOP data to the National CDOP data pool
  9. Access to the restricted member area on the website
  10. The NNCDOP shall be able give feed back to the contributing CDOPs about their performance on key areas against the national average

Membership categories

There are two categories of membership: Group membership and Individual membership.

Group Membership is for organisations like Child Death Overview Panels, National Child Death Review groups and allied agencies who share the common goal of improving the child health survival both at home or at the international level.This would include university departments involved in research in child health or organisations which have been actively seeking public support and/or creating public awareness about child health and survival.        Application for Group Membership

Individual membership is for any professional who has been or is actively involved in work that in the field of child health directly or in the organisational capacity, governance, audit, research, public health or community welfare programmes that share the ultimate goal of reducing child deaths at home or abroad.      Application for Individual Membership


Membership procedure

Following receipt of your membership form we shall write to you confirming your membership.

Registration Process for the Website Members Area

Recieved Confirmation of membership through email from us.

You Log on to the site:

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