Abstract Preparation Information

VI NNCDRP Annual Conference Birmingham

9-10 June 2020

Information for Abstract Preparation

NNCDOP Scientific committee is inviting abstracts of papers for presentation at the VI Annual Conference scheduled in Birmingham on    9-10 June 2020.

Themes and subjects

The submitted abstracts may relate to any aspect of childhood mortality and morbidity that helps in our understanding of safeguarding issues, epidemiology, pathogenesis, early diagnosis or prompt treatment of fatal childhood conditions; the abstracts may relate to any aspect of community, educational or social interventions as preventive measures for reducing childhood deaths. Abstracts themes related to review of local, regional and national CDOP data, guidelines and best practices shall be most welcome.

What is the abstract about?

  • Mortality review analysis with an emerging theme
  • Review of neonatal and perinatal deaths
  • Outcome of an audit
  • Review of Rapid Response Team meetings
  • Lessons Learnt from case reviews
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Review of modifiable Factors
  • Outcome of SUDIC investigations
  • Outcome of Serious Case Reviews
  • Coronial or Police Investigative process
  • Public Health issues
  • Road Traffic Safety issues

Best Paper Prizes (two)

All submitted abstracts (both oral and poster) shall be considered for award of one of the two distinguished Best Paper Prizes. The abstracts accepted for presentation are published in the NNCDOP Book of Abstracts and shall also appear on the NNCDOP website.

Papers accepted for presentation

The scientific committee shall review all abstract on the understanding that the submitting authors accept to present the paper at the 2019 Annual Conference if the abstract is accepted.

Authors shall be informed of their submission outcome 10 weeks before the conference.  Hence abstracts may be withdrawn up to 10 weeks before the conference.

Oral or Poster presentation

The abstract may be accepted for oral or poster presentation unless it has been specified on the abstract submission form that the abstract is to be considered for only poster (or oral) presentation.

The scientific committee takes a serious note of successful abstracts not being presented without a reasonable explanation from the author(s).

For any queries throughout the abstract submission process, the authors may contact abstracts@NNCDOP.com

Abstract submission deadline:

Please submit the abstract before the deadline date (5pm 30 April 2020).

Any abstract received after the deadline date and time will not be considered.

The submitting author shall be notified about the receipt of the abstract within 3-5 working days.

For resubmitting an already submitted abstract, the submitting author must inform the scientific committee to cancel the previous submission. Abstracts cannot be resubmitted after the expiry of the deadline.

Abstract submission form should be submitted with all abstracts.

Typing the abstract

Please type in Times New Roman Font Size12

Maximum 200 words including tables, graphs and the references. The abstract shall appear as one page on the abstract book and hence please ensure that the number of words does not exceeded 200.

The abstract format shall depend upon the subject/topic of the abstract.  It is generally a good practice to have a sketch of what the author(s) would like to convey in the following order:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Who the authors are in the order of: Surname, initials;
  • Underline the presenting author’s name
  • Where the work was undertaken/place of work
  • What the paper is about (as an introduction)
  • How did the author(s) study, observe and/or review the subject (as Methods)?
  • What the findings were (as Results)?
  • What were the final Conclusions?
  • Any useful references (max 2) related to the subject

Please review our 2019 Conference Book of Abstracts to have an idea of presentations.

Abstract File Name

The abstract file name shall be: the first author’s Surname First name Place of Work as:



The abstract submission is electronic

Abstracts can only be submitted electronically and all the correspondence shall be through e-mail only.

To submit an abstract please log on to:  ABSTRACT SUBMISSION